Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Round Table

Provides a space for librarians to share resources, best practices, offer support, and coordinate educational opportunities. The DEI round table will work with existing KLA groups and programs to center diverse activities and concerns within the organization.

To encourage wide participation, there will be no membership fee to join the DEI Round Table.

Leadership Team:

  • Erin Gow
  • Brandi Duggins
  • Courtney Shareef
  • Jennifer Bartlett


To contact the round table, access DEI resources, and recordings of previous events, please see the DEI RT Resources page.

KLA DEI Round Table Code of Conduct

The Kentucky Library Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion round table is committed to creating safe and welcoming spaces in which individuals with a variety of backgrounds, opinions, and needs may come together for open and honest discussion. All participants in our discussions and events are expected to demonstrate respect and dignity for themselves and others.

We encourage participants to be welcoming and respectful during all interactions. We ask participants to remember that lived experiences may be different but are always valid and deserving of respect. The topics under discussion on the DEI round table listserv or during our events may be difficult or triggering for some individuals, and we encourage participants to be mindful of their own needs as well as the needs of others when making comments or phrasing questions and answers. If you are having difficulty during a conversation, please take the time to care for yourself and contact one of the round table organizers or another KLA board member for support if necessary.

Harassment, including threats of violence, discriminatory language, intimidation, repeated disruption or interruption, personal insults, or inappropriate physical contact are never acceptable. Individuals engaging in harassment will be asked to leave the event or discussion, and may be excluded from future participation in DEI round table activities. If you have any concerns about inappropriate behavior related to a DEI round table discussion or event, please contact one of the round table coordinators for support.

For more general information about expectations of inclusive behavior during library-related events, please see the American Library Association Code of Conduct: https://www.ala.org/online-code-of-conduct.